How to order for our Drive-Thru Pick UP

How to order for our Drive-Thru Pick UP

Posted by Shelly Higgs on 6th Aug 2019

We've tried to keep this as simple as possible, to take all the stress out of it for you. To use our drive thru service, simply order online before midnight on Friday and from 10am the next morning your gift will be ready and waiting for collection. Drive up to the parking spot out the front. Press the Buzzer. One of our staff members will pop out with your present. Off you go. Simple as that. 

We are also good on the telephone. Shocking, I know. But if you want just as easy service during the week,  all you need to do is order online, give us a call and say "look, I know I just ordered but is there any chance you can help me out and leave the Parent of The Year Award to someone else...".

Where ever possible, our answer will always be YES!

Have a go, try it out, see what you think and let us know! 

Oh and just before we go, that comment section in the checkout process? It's your place to put all your requests - Can you wrap all presents together please, oh but leave the soft toy out, it's just for me... you know, stuff like that...

The Good Toy Shop: Drive thru that's way more rewarding than Maccas, (we promise!)