How to Choose Great Gifts!

Posted by Shelly Higgs on 1st Mar 2019

Don't Know What to Buy?
Whether you think they already have everything, you don't want to break the bank, or maybe you just don't know them that well... here are some good ideas to get you started. 

They have everything already...

We hear this one a lot... If you're worried that siblings already own the suitable toys, shop for What's New. Toy wholesalers are always bringing out new ideas and reimagining... so ask us in store to show you what's new, or if online is your thing, shop our What's New category. Another good idea for the kids who have everything is opting for something that is made to be created. We have a huge range of art and craft gifts by wonder brands Djeco and Klutz, and these kits are perfect for giving an activity, rather than "stuff". We will soon dedicate a category to this, so you will be able to shop by personality under "The I have Everything Already Child"... stay tuned!

The parties are sending me broke!

It's brilliant. Sociable Sally is killing the party scene at school - but Mum and Dad have to suddenly find the money to pay for yet another birthday gift. Buying something that looks like you spent 3 times as much money on it as you actually did, doesn''t have to break the bank. And we promise we can keep a secret! Look in our Brilliant Budget section. These toys are hand picked to look amazing and cost as little as $10.  This section will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back often. 

I don't even know this kid!

We've all been there. The invitation was found crumpled at the bottom of the bag. The party is tomorrow! And to make matters worse, you don't know anything about the birthday kid! We're pretty good at our job, and have a pretty good idea of what kids like, based on their age alone. So give us as little or as much info as you have, and we will tailor a gift to suit them down to a T. The only drawback might be that you get a reputation for being a brilliant gift giver and are invited to more parties!